Do I have a legal claim?

It is impossible to say with any certainty whether you have a legal claim without knowing details about your particular situation. However, in general, if you’ve been injured, you have a legal claim for recourse any time that another party intentionally or negligently causes harm. Intentional misconduct is obvious: the other party causes harm on purpose. Negligent misconduct is much more nuanced, but in general it refers to situations where someone acts unreasonably. Injured parties have legal claims in many different situations, even when the claim might not be self-evident. Because every situation is very fact-specific, the best bet is to always visit a personal injury attorney and share your story. The Law Offices of Robert Gregg offer a free consultation, where we will listen to your particular situation and help determine your best course of action. There is nothing to lose by explaining how you were injured and learning how the law applies in your specific case.

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